Mermaid tails

Mermaid tails

With one of these cheerful happy mermaid tails you steal the show in the pool, just because you can or on holiday vacation! With this tail you can swim like a real mermaid. Make your dream a reality and join as one of the many mermaids

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Swimming like a real mermaid .. Which girl doesn't dream about it? This dream comes true with a mermaid tail of North Mermaid.


The complete set contains a mermaid tail, monofin, standard safety covers on the tail tips and is delivered free of charge within the Netherlands.


All our tails have high-quality extra protection on the tail tips and an extra shiny layer as a result of which the tails shine beautifully and are also extra protected against wear.


We have different mermaid tails in our range. With the complete set you are completely ready to swim in the water like a real mermaid!

note: The mermaid tails in size 8, 10 and 12 can only be used in combination with the small monofin. This is suitable for shoe sizes 31 to 37

The mermaid tails in size XS and S can only be used in combination with a large monofin. Suitable for shoe sizes 37 to 42.

The large monofin does not fit in the tail size 8, 10 and 12. And the small monofin is too small for the tail in size XS and S.

Pay attention when ordering a complete set that you select the correct monofin.

To complete the mermaid experience, diving mask or mermaid swimsuit is indispensable, look at our accessories for our range.

Take a look at our video at mermaid party . You can also book a party or lesson at one of the swimming pools . When registering at one of the connected swimming pools, you will receive a 10% discount on one of the North Mermaid tails.