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Well-known songs from The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was originally a theater show, with the films theatrical release, a theater show appeared in cinemas for the first time ever. The songs of The Little Mermaid are still a favorite for many Disney fans.

Most of these mermaid songs are written by Oscar winner Alan Menken. Alan worked with Howard Ashman on the song list below.

In 1990 The Little Mermaid won 3 Oscar nominations, of which 2 prizes were ultimately awarded. The film won the Oscar award for best song and best rating with the song ‘Under the Sea’. But it did not stop there, the film also won four Golden Globe nominations for best film in the comedy and musical category, and again best and most appreciated song with the song ‘Under the Sea’. The song was sung by Samuel E. Wright in the well-known scene in the movie.

The film was a huge success in the 1990s, winning prestigious awards. The success was extended with two Grammy Awards for the mermaid soundtrack album; the award for best album for children and most appreciated soundtrack album for a film. This Little Mermaid music album was sold over 2 million times in 1990 alone, which was a special achievement for an animated Disney movie.

The third most appreciated song after ‘Under the Sea’ is ‘Kiss the Girl’. Another well-known song in the movie is ‘Part of Your World’. This song was almost taken out of the movie because a test audience of school kids got restless while watching the movie scene. The test audience at that time first viewed the film in black and white. After some disagreement and a new color test screening, the children’s response was more positive and it was decided to keep the number.

But what are the most famous songs from the Little Mermaid movie? We’ve compiled a list of video clips from the movie below! Or listen to this playlist with all the little mermaid music (in Dutch) from the movie!

Dutch Little Mermaid song list:

1. Diep in de zee

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2. Dat is mijn wens

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3. Kus haar dan

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4. Al die kommer en kwel

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5. Vadem benee

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6. Les Poissons

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7. Dochters van Triton

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