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10 reasons to be a real mermaid

Every girl dreams of living like a real mermaid princess. But what does it mean to live underwater? Thanks to the Disney classic, the little mermaid and other fascinating cartoons with underwater princesses, many of us have an idea what it is like to be a little girl mermaid. Nowadays it is even possible to become a professional mermaid, a lot of girls dream about that, probably you too! But what is it like to be a real mermaid? We have therefore compiled this list with all the features of the underwater life of a mermaid!

1. Breathe underwater

As a mermaid you can of course stay under water for a long time and therefore you have the power to breathe under water. Of course we all want that! Sometimes I even dream of flooding the house so that I can live in the water and swim through the rooms. That sounds really comfortable! Living in the water would give you the feeling that you can fly and that immediately brings us to reason number two.

2. The feeling that you can fly

Living underwater like a real mermaid gives the ultimate freedom, with an earth that consists of 71% of oceans you have a hundred times more room to move than on earth. Because you can easily move in height, you can fly, or at least float through the water! A true mermaid therefore lives with the feeling that you can fly.

3. No clothing!

As a mermaid you no longer need oppressive clothing, you can also take that expensive bra out because underwater princesses use the most beautiful shells instead of a bra, and then you also have a lot of choice with all those different beautiful shells that are up for grabs. Perhaps the best thing is that you no longer need pants, as a mermaid you naturally have a very beautiful and functional tail. You just never have to buy clothes again!

4. Perfect your hair in model

As a mermaid, your hair is always wet and therefore perfectly in shape, no more hassle with combing, styling and blow-drying. Braiding your hair is also no problem, because you no longer need a comb! And let’s be honest, in all cartoons mermaids have a perfect hair wrap, the reason for that must be living a life under water.

5. Living in a castle or sunken ship

Under water you imagine yourself in a royal world full of magic, splendor, but then a castle cannot be missed! Ariel lives in a very beautiful underwater castle in Disney’s little mermaid, then real mermaids probably also live in castles, right? If no castle is free, you can always live in such a large Victorian sunken ship. Moreover, finding an underwater house is always easier and cheaper than on land.

6. A fish, shellfish, lobster or dolphin as best friend!

The underwater world is a magical world full of diverse underwater life, nobody is surprised by all those beautiful lush differences in appearance. If we can believe all the footage of underwater documentaries, all those swimming lives are friends with each other. Apart from scary sharks and cuttlefish of course, but who knows, sharks might be friendly to real mermaids!

7. Sleep under water

You no longer need a soft bed under water. In fact, everything is soft under water and you also have the choice of many different mattresses and blankets! You can sleep on or in:

  • Soft white sand
  • Silk soft seaweed
  • Soft coral
  • Large air bubble
  • Perfectly shaped giant shell

8. Traveling is swimming

Is it vacation and are you going on a trip? Then you have to swim (or ask a friendly seahorse to transport you), crammed into the plane for hours and boring walks are a thing of the past! You can go in all directions in the Atlantic Ocean, you won’t get swam! For a mermaid, traveling is therefore swimming :).

9. Mermaids are rare

Mermaids are so beautiful, only the tail of a mermaid is too good to be true! If we can believe the little mermaid movie, there aren’t that many mermaids and that’s why they’re rare. If you are a real mermaid, people still keep their feet on the 29% land on earth. If you show yourself sometimes on land, you will always hear an admiring wow, because you are so rare!

10. Mermaids are fast and therefore strong

The last reason to be a mermaid swimmer is the super powers that you need to swim so fast under water with a tail instead of two arms! By swimming with a tail you become much stronger and faster under water, moreover the gravity under water is heavier than on land so you can use that extra power well

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