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Everything you need to know to be a mermaid

Many of us fall asleep dreaming of being a mermaid and exploring the ocean as if it were our natural habitat. There are hundreds of legends about mermaids and sirens all over the world, and it’s easy to understand why. The ancient Greeks believed in the god Atargatis, who had the body of a fish […]

Well-known songs from The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was originally a theater show, with the films theatrical release, a theater show appeared in cinemas for the first time ever. The songs of The Little Mermaid are still a favorite for many Disney fans. Discover the most famous songs from the movie!

10 reasons to be a real mermaid

Every girl dreams of living like a real mermaid princess. But what does it mean to live underwater? Thanks to the Disney classic, the little mermaid and other fascinating cartoons with underwater princesses, many of us have an idea what it is like to be a little girl mermaid. Nowadays it is even possible to become a professional mermaid, a lot of girls dream about that, probably you too! But what is it like to be a real mermaid? We have therefore compiled this list with all the features of the underwater life of a mermaid!

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